Public engagement

For us at the Department of History, it is important to disseminate our research to the public. Not only are we required to do so by the university's third mission *, we regard it as a natural part of the role of historian.

We hold lectures at schools, archives, museums, state and municipal institutions, local history societies and other organizations. Several of us write articles for popular science magazines and newspapers, publishes books for a wider audience as well as participating in radio, television and various types of webforum.

Collaboration is very much about communicating the latest findings on history to increase knowledge and historical consciousness in people in general. But equally, we want to reach decision-makers and authorities, because we are convinced that the results of our research can be used to improve our society at large.

In the spring of 2012 we started a working group for cooperation with the community with the task of formulating goals and strategies.

Media och samverkan

100 år polisutbildning. Article by Björn Furuhagen Populär historia. nr 1 2017.
Att skriva historia. Finland 100 Alfred Backa, Sirpa Kähkönen, Kjell Westö. Moderator: Janne Holmén.. Offentligt föredrag Janne Holmén Mariehamns litteraturdagar. 2017-03-25.
Bildning? Konsekvenserna av det postfaktuella samhället. Offentligt föredrag Janne Holmén Hanaholmen kulturcentrum för Sverige och Finland. 2017-03-14.
Författarträff. Offentligt föredrag Fredrik Thomasson Hedengrens bokhandel Stockholm. 2017-02-01.
Rosettastenens förste tolkare. Föredrag och bokpresentation. Offentligt föredrag Fredrik Thomasson Världskulturmuseerna/Medelhavsmuseum. 2017-01-26.

Janne Holmén


Working group for communication with the community
Mikael Alm
Lars M Andersson
Henrik Chetan Aspengren
Mikael Byström
Mia Skott
Lovisa Svantesson

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