Janne Holmén




My main research interests are historiography, textbook research, educational history, identity and island studies. Most of my research has concerned modern history (1800-), and I have predomiantly made comparative studies in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions.

I have previously investigated the depiction of the Soviet Union in Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish school textbooks during the cold war, as well as regional historywriting and regional identity on islands in the Baltic Sea.

Presently I am engaged in a comparative study of the development of Swedish and Finnish teacher education together with Björn Furuhagen at the Department of history, Uppsala Univeristy, and a study of mental maps and perception of history among secondary school students in the Baltic Sea and Mediterranean Regions, which is part of the project Spaces of Expectation at Södertörn University, Stockholm and Ca Foscari University, Venice. 


The Department of History | Thunbergsvägen 3A | Box 628, S-751 26 Uppsala, Sweden | telephone +46 18 471 15 26 | fax +46 18 471 15 28 | e-mail